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It’s a great pleasure to introduce our company to your esteemed organization to enable you to have an understanding of our company and the services that we provide.

INNOXTIVA Cleaning Service was started in 2004 by a core group of professionals to provide TOTAL SERVICE MANAGEMENT in the sphere of Initial / Contract cleaning, landscape maintenance and rubbish disposal services.

Like any start-up, the company started off by concentrating on small and medium sized projects. And over the years our company has acquired the necessary expertise and competence to undertake projects of any size and complexity. The range of buildings that are in our care comprise Showrooms, Factories, Condominiums, Complexes, Apartments and Offices.

INNOXTIVA Cleaning Service aim is to consistently find ways to improve our Customers’ life style via clean, safe and healthy environments. With almost a combined more than 10 years of working experience in the industry, the Management places emphasis on Quality Assurance methodologies to ensure desired end results. We work with you to create a customized cleaning service checklist that details exactly what you want and follow the list diligently and make sure we deliver the level of cleanliness you expect day in and day out.


Non-Toxic cleaning supplies are used around ur environment



We assures you get the most affordable
and top quality, through cleaning job available in Malaysia


We are very serious about what we do
We understand that a cleaning is only as good as education we have, the products we use and the staff we employ


Trustworthy cleaning team
Professional Dealing & Secured Payment
via Online or Offline