Innoxtiva Resources (M) Sdn Bhd's mission is to be a one-stop manpower solution for our clients. Hence, when you come to us for any type of human resource solution or foreign worker outsourcing services, we provide it.  Put in your requirements and leave all else to us.

We specialize in providing general, semi-skilled and skilled labor in the following :

  • Security
  • Agriculture
  • Construction
  • Plantation
  • Cleaning services
  • Restaurant
  • Manufacturing

If your sector is not listed here, it does not mean we do not provide manpower in that particular field.  We have established a most comprehensive and qualitative network in more than 10 countries and hence, we are able to provide excellent solutions and services in any sector of your preference with speed and quality.

Whatever you require, we provide. Quickly. Efficiently. Qualitatively.

Direct Recruitment Services

For direct recruitment, we offers the following foreign worker services among others:

  • Getting the KDN (Kementerian Dalam Negeri)  approval for foreign workers recruitment.
  • Provide clear and all comprehensive checklist for the documentation requirements.
  • Prepare and put together all documentation necessary for foreign workers attestation.
  • Select personnel based on their CVs through interview in the country of origin; or select them by their passport.
  • Obtain CV (calling Visa) approval for the labor force.
  • Ensuring that workers’ travel is uneventful from start to finish.
  • Get the workers through medical checkup.
  • Provide detailed, tailored and exhaustive orientation classes to ensure that the labor force is acclimatized with the cultural, social and economical changes in Malaysia before they leave their country of origin.
  • Provide assistance for arrival clearance at airport.
  • Provide transport to client’s doorstep.
  • Provide assistance in FOMEMA checkup, which is a pre-requisite screening of health for every foreigner who enters the country.
  • Provide assistance in the process required to send back workers who cannot work owing to sickness or any other reason.
  • Committed to replace all workers who are unfit or want to return to their home country.

Our Guarantee Of 100% Satisfaction


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